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My Mailbox @ SPM
15 Sep - 30 Dec 14

Philatelic Museum

The museum invited stamp designers and local artists who had designed stamps to participate in this mail art programme. Each participant was given a metal mailbox as a canvas.

Title of my mailbox: The Gentleman in Stripes* who hid under the billiard room floor in Raffles Hotel, Singapore




























I am fascinated by the stories of the tiger infestion in Singapore, between the mid 19th century and early 20th century. Fascinated in a way to find Singapore so close to nature or perhaps more so, in the mercy of nature.

One of the most popular tiger incidences, is of a tiger found under the billiard room floor in Raffles Hotel. "At last, the Shikari got a sight of the tiger; that is to say he saw his eyes gleaming in the gloom." - The Straits Times, 13th Aug 1902. Of course, the poor creature was later gunned down.


On the other hand, a fierce creature (staring tiger) painted on a letter box provides protection to the mail box… from mail-thieves.

* A comprehensive short story about tigers in Singapore, from "One for the Road" by
Julian Davison